Trail guides in English

 From East to West (Moissac > Agen)

From West to East ( Agen > Moissac)

Stage 1A Moissac -Boudou  Stage 14R Agen – Roquefort
Stage 2A Boudou – St Vincent Lespinasse Stage 13R Roquefort – Aubiac
Stage 3A St Vincent Lespinasse – Gasques  Stage 12R Aubiac – Moirax
Stage 3bis Goudourville – Variant  Stage 11R Moirax – Layrac
Stage 4A Gasques – Montjoi  Stage 10R Layrac – Caudecoste
Stage 5A Montjoi – St Maurin Stage 9R Caudecoste -St Nicolas de la B. 
Stage 6 A St Maurin – Tayrac Stage 8R St Nicolas de la B.- St Romain 
Stage 6 bis A St Maurin – Tayrac Via Perville Stage 7R St Romain – Tayrac 
Stage 7A Tayrac – St Romain Stage 6 R Tayrac – St Maurin
Stage 8A St Romain – St Nicolas de la B. Stage 6 Bis R Tayrac – St Maurin via Perville
Stage 9A St Nicolas de la B. – Caudecoste Stage 5R St Maurin – Montjoi
Stage 10A Caudecoste – Layrac Stage 4R Montjoi – Gasques 
Stage 11A Layrac – Moirax Stage 3bis Goudourville – Variant 
Stage 12A Moirax – Aubiac  Stage 3R Gasques – St Vincent Lespinasse 
Stage 13A Aubiac – Roquefort  Stage 2R St Vincent Lespinasse – Boudou 
Stage 14A Roquefort – Agen   Stage 1R Boudou – Moissac